saint tropez, france

saint tropez, france

PLACE: Pampelonne Beach
LOCATION: Saint Tropez, France
NOTORIOUS: Wealthy Playground
COORDINATES: 43.2153° N, 6.6123° E

Saint Tropez is where Bridget Bardot was discovered. The vibrant colour of the houses and people remind me of a classic european vacation, I don’t know why. Probably because the population of this town increases tenfold during peak summer. I mean it is the south of France. Apparently at Pampelonne Beach there are numerous beach clubs each with their own unique umbrella colour and swanky cocktails.

Outside the warmest months, it’s definitely a place to spot celebs hiding behind big designer sunglasses. But you can also take wildflower-lined coastal walks along the paths or visit lively markets with gorgeous handmade products. I’m there in the summer – maybe for a honeymoon?

pampelonne beach, st tropez, francesaint tropez, france

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