lake retba, senegal

Lake Retba, Senegal
PLACE: Lake Retba
LOCATION:  Senegal, Africa
NEAREST AIRPORT: DKR, Dakar (30 minute drive)
COORDINATES: 14.8333° N, 17.2333° W
CURRENCY: West African CFA Franc

Yup, that’s a pink lake. No, it’s not a pepto bismol ad (not yet anyway). I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw it either. It made the Huffington Post and stormed through the Pinterest feeds as the world’s largest strawberry bacteria milkshake. Reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw, only those who are true SATC fans know why. Anyway, this lake is obviously higher in salt content than the Dead Sea (yes, you will float if you get in it!), housing some of the world’s most unbelievably pink, salt-loving bacteria (who have also found home in Western Australia).

The lake apparently changes color throughout the day from mauve to bright pink – I’d love to pitch a beach chair and watch it from dawn until dusk. It’s located right on the African Atlantic coast of Senegal and is about a 30 minute drive north from Dakar, the capital of the Wolof/French-speaking, Islamic country. Senegal is relatively stable, despite some intense floods last year, but petty theft is common – so travel with only what you need.

Lake Retba, Senegal

Lake Retba, Senegal

Lake Retba, Senegal

Seen the pink salty waters before? Any tips? Share with us below…

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