krzywy las, poland

crooked forest, poland

PLACE: Krzywy Las
LOCATION:  Nowe Czarnowo, Poland
NOTORIOUS: Crooked Foreest
NEAREST AIRPORT: SSZ, Goleniow Airport (30 miles)
COORDINATES: 52.4333° N, 16.1000° E

The trees grew crooked and no one knows why. The grove contains approximately 400 pine trees with bent trunks. They were planted sometime in 1939,when its location was still within the German province of Pomerania, but why or who made them crooked is completely unknown. I find this the most bizarre thing ever.

Some speculate that a harsh snowstorm flattened them out, while others think that carpenters shaped the trees for furniture making. I have this notion that little garden gnomes are to blame. Either way, this place could be the perfect setting for a set of J.K. Rowling’s next book. I would read it.

crooked forest, poland

crooked forest, poland

crooked forest, poland

If you have been to this miraculous forest, please send me some photos! There are not very good ones on the internet right now!

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