antelope canyon, arizona

antelope canyon, arizona
PLACE: Antelope Canyon
LOCATION: Page, Arizona, USA
NOTORIOUS: Slot Canyon
NEAREST AIRPORT: PHX, Pheonix (4.5 hour drive) or Las Vegas (4.75 hour drive)
COORDINATES: 36.8618° N, 111.3743° W
CURRENCY: American Dollar

Woah, one of my friends posted a picture visiting this place and it took me about 20 minutes to find it by just searching amazing canyon in Arizona. No, but seriously. The canyon is this trippy and smoothly carved architecture of sandstone, caused most obviously by erosion. Flash flooding still occurs in the canyon and may, at times, result in up to several months of closing. Since 1997 the area has been accessible only by permit as it is now a Navajo Tribal Park.

The upper part of the canyon is slightly closed at the top while the lower is slightly open to the sky. They each have different fees as the lower includes a compulsory $20 tour. Lake Powell is not only gorgeous (see below) it is extremely close to the canyon – the blogs are listing a bunch of hotels in the area. Looks like a win-win to me. Great alternative if you’re in Vegas and have already seen the Grand Canyon a few times.

antelope canyon, arizona

antelope canyon, arizona

antelope canyon, arizona

lake powell, utahBeen there, done that? Tell me about it. I’ll take any tips I can get!

2 thoughts on “antelope canyon, arizona

  1. I just visited Antelope Canyon this March. It was unbelievably beautiful, but there are constant streams of tours flowing in and out, and they give priority to the people who paid more money for the tours, not allowing you to walk through when they’re taking pictures, but then don’t show the same courtesy for you. It’s worth the visit, but I think the beauty of this place is hard to appreciate when there are so many people crammed in with you.

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