beachy head, england

dover cliffs, england

PLACE: Beachy Head / White Cliffs of Dover
LOCATION:  East Sussex, England
NOTORIOUS: White Chalk Cliffs / Suicide Spot
NEAREST AIRPORT: LHR, London Heathrow Airport (just under 2 hour drive)
COORDINATES: 50.7374° N, 0.2477° E
CURRENCY: English Pound

I first found out about the White Cliffs of Dover after doing some research for the poem Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold in University (this beach is actually not even near the White Cliffs of Dover). I later found out that this stretch of white coastline has served as a value protective shield throughout history. It faces continental Europe at the narrowest part of the channel and stands tall against foreign invaders. Composed of chalk and streaks of black flint, the White Cliffs of Dover denote a specific area of this white coastline near the town of Dover.

Oddly enough, these pictures are actually of a place called “Beachy Head” which is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, a tad  south of the White Cliffs of Dover. The lighthouse’s red and white stripes reminds me so much of nautical nostalgia – find me a St. James stripe shirt immediately. The most depressing part about Beachy Head is that it is one of the most notorious suicide spots on earth. Is it weird that I’d like to see it anyway?

beachy head, england

dover cliffs, england

beachy head, white cliffs of dover, england

dover cliffs, englandWhat does this place remind you of? Anyone heard any crazy stories about it? Sounds pretty notorious.

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