positano, italy

positano, italy

PLACE: Positano
LOCATION: Amalfi Coast, Italy
NOTORIOUS: Hillside Village
COORDINATES: 40.6333° N, 14.4833° E

I can’t think of a more romantic seaside town. Positano rests on the Amalfi coast in Campania, Italy. The stacks of buildings on top of colorful buildings have this nostalgic European summer feel. I have this vision that all Europeans spend their holidays in places exactly like this. The blogs say the best time to visit is in the Spring when the tourist season isn’t in full swing. You can take the ferry here from Naples or drive (hard to find parking) or bus (and if you do sit on the left side from Sorrento for some epic photos).

Fornillo beach is more secluded and quaint compared to Spiaggia Grande, the main beach and ferry port. Also, apparently some of the most incredible lemons are found in this town – sounds amazing for lemon water and cocktails! I’m so happy I found this place, hopefully I can make a serious pit stop here when I get the chance to do a tour of Italy.

positano, italy

positano, italy

positano, italy

Visited? Any accommodation recommendations (that’s a mouth full)? I would love to stay in a VRBO apartment or b&b! Comment below:

6 thoughts on “positano, italy

  1. this last pic of the bridge is not in positano, but in naples. here, where i live, and we call it as “gaiola”

  2. Is there a train I can take from Rome to Positano? Would like to spend a night or two there in January, is January an okay month to go?

    Thank you


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