avenue of the baobabs, madagascar

baobab alley, madagascar

PLACE: Avenue of the Baobabs (Baobab Alley)
LOCATION: Madagascar
NOTORIOUS: Alien Forest
NEAREST AIRPORT: TNR, Ivato International Airport (8 hour drive – woah)
COORDINATES: 20.2508° S, 44.4183° E
CURRENCY: Malagasy Ariary

So – Madagascar is bigger than Texas? It’s an 8 hour drive directly from the airport which I find insane. This fact smashed all preconceived notions I had about Madagascar being a small island off the coast of East Africa. Basically the best way to get here is to take a small airplane from  Antananarivo to Morondava, a coastal town on the west side. It’s less crowded out here and apparently it’s cheaper. This area is also a very dry and dusty place so if you are bringing a big DSLR make sure to protect it.

If you stay in Morondava you can also check out Tsingy de Bemaraha, a place so mesmerizing I’m going to write about it next. The baobab trees in the alley are up to 800 years old and towering 30 plus meters. My boyfriend mentioned they made an appearance in Planet Earth but I must have missed it. I might have to re-watch that episode. Since the dry season is the best time to visit (while the coastal waters are still warm and the roads safe), I’d suggest going in June because April/May the roads will still be recovering and July/August are ‘peak season’ for visitors.

baobab alley, madagascarbaobab alley, madagascarbaobab alley, madagascarbaobab alley, madagascar

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