villnöss, funes, italy

Villnoss, Funes, Italy

PLACE: Villnöss
LOCATION: Funes, Italy
NOTORIOUS: Quaint Mountaintop Town
NEAREST AIRPORT: Either Milan or Munich Airport (both ~3 hour drive)
COORDINATES: 46° 39′ 0″ N, 11° 41′ 0″ E

This is a small town in Northern Italy. The province borders Austria and Switzerland to the north and, yes, those are the alps. Villnöss is about 30 kilometres north of Bolzano (like I know what the means), which is apparently dubbed “The Capital of the Alps”. The is one of the only areas in Italy where the majority of the population speaks German – the road signs are actually bilingual.

People have lived in this area since the stone age. The food is typically Austrian with Mediterranean influences – you can find Italian classics here but apparently it isn’t their specialty. What’s pretty nice to know is that this is one of the safest regions in all of Europe due its location and peaceful residents. The blogs are saying it isn’t a good idea to go hiking without an expert alpine guide unless you are extremely advanced. Those cliffs look so intimidating I don’t know why you’d want to.

Villnoss, Funes, Italy

Villnoss, Funes, Italy

Villnoss, Funes, Italy

Villnoss, Funes, Italy

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