taktsang palphug, bhutan

PLACE: Taktsang Palphug
NOTORIOUS: Isolated Nation
NEAREST AIRPORT: Paro Airport via Druk Air
COORDINATES:  27.491911, 89.363489
CURRENCY: Bhutanese Ngultrum // Indian Rupee

So this place is fascinating… not only is it one of the only countries in the world that measures happiness, it’s virtually untouched by the modern world and is relatively difficult to get to. There is only one airline that flies into Paro and it’s called Druk Air. Since they have a monopoly on flights, they are ridic expensive. To get here you must arrange your trip through a travel agent – the daily tariff to tour the country is $200/day (USD) including accommodation, food, and ground transport.

The Himalayan Buddhist Taktsang Palphug Monastery (pictured above) literally means “the tiger’s nest”. You can get to it easily at it is in the Paro valley. The climate here varies widely depending on your elevation. Low season is June-September. I hope I get to visit this incredible place one day.

bhutan flags

Ever made it here? We want to hear about it! Tell us below…

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