mcway falls, big sur, california

mcway falls, big sur

PLACE: Mcway Falls
LOCATION: Big Sur, California
COORDINATES:  36.158611, -121.671667
CURRENCY: American Dollar

With the exception of Yosemite Falls, apparently Mcway Falls is one of the most photographed in California. I find this shot above absolutely mesmerizing. At a staggering 80 feet high, this tidefall is located just south of Carmel on the Pacific Coast Highway. The beach itself is protected so you can only view it from the hiking path above (aww).

Limekiln Falls, Salmon Creek Falls, and Pfeiffer Falls are three other hikes worth doing in the Big Sur area. I have been meaning to take a drive down the coast for years. This waterfall makes me want to take the trip. Ps. Big Sur is home to some of the US’s old growth Redwood Trees. Been meaning to hug one for years.

Big Sur, California
mcway falls, big sur
mcway falls, big sur

Have you done this hike? Is it really touristy? I’d be curious to know..

5 thoughts on “mcway falls, big sur, california

  1. Yes! I went there this summer! It’s truly as beautiful as everyone describes it! The road along the coast there is just non-stop look outs. You’ll want to get out of your car every 30 seconds to take a picture! McWay Falls is also home to some Amazing California Condors, which if you’re lucky will just be sitting in the trees as you walk by. If you wanna know more or see some pics I took, give me a shout!

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