the school of life, london

The School of Life, London

PLACE: The School of Life
LOCATION: 70 Marchmont St  London WC1N 1AB, United Kingdom
NOTORIOUS: Lifestyle Workshop Boutique
NEAREST AIRPORT: London Heathrow Airport (LHR)
COORDINATES:  51.524584, -0.126046
CURRENCY: English Pound

With classes like “How to Face Death” and “How to Make Love Last” and “How to Be Creative”, I immediately found myself enthralled by the “good ideas for everyday life” offered at The School of Life in London, England. When I first discovered the school in a book I was reading, my first thought was fuck, how did I not think of this. After noticing they have franchises open in Melbourne and Brazil, I started making some phone calls. Maybe someone will run with it because this would be perfect for Vancouver.

Nothing excites me like real thinkers taking self-help seriously. The branding is also extremely interesting. I wonder who picked yellow. I can’t wait to get to London and sit in my first class.

the-school-of-life-london6the-school-of-life-london7 copy
Have you taken a class? Tell us about it!!

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