landmannalaugar, iceland

Landmannalaugar, Iceland2

PLACE: Landmannalaugar
NOTORIOUS: Rocky Landscape
NEAREST AIRPORT: Reykjavík Airport (3.5 hrs drive)
COORDINATES: 63.983, -19.067
CURRENCY: Icelandic Króna

The sweeping shades of rocky hillside in Iceland’s Landmannalaugar region (near the infamous Hekla volcano) are so hauntingly beautiful I knew it was time to post about the country for the third time. The best part about this place is that it’s possible to do a short day hike or a long, overnight hike and both are spectacular (according to the blogs).

Apparently if you’re on a short trip you should skip the hot springs and hike for the base of Mount Brennisteinsalda which is an absolutely beautiful sight with it’s rainbow coloured rhyolite. Trip advisors are saying that the best way to really enjoy this area is a 2-3 day hiking in July or August sleeping in a tent or very basic accommodations. The paths are well marked.

Landmannalaugar, Iceland2
Landmannalaugar, Iceland3
Landmannalaugar, Iceland5

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5 thoughts on “landmannalaugar, iceland

  1. I’ve hiked there, and swam in the hot springs! The most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen – a photographer’s dream! We did a day trip there. If you want tips on traveling Iceland I’m your girl, my man’s from there! It’s the most beautiful country in the world… check out Askja too – coolest place to go for a hike + swim, even more amazing than the Blue Lagoon, you have to drive through a few rivers to get there but it’s so worth it!

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