gimmelwald, swiss alps

Gimmelwald, Swiss Alps
PLACE: Gimmelwald
LOCATION: Swiss Alps, Switzerland
NOTORIOUS: Mountain Village
NEAREST AIRPORT: GVA, Geneva International Airport (5 hour train)
COORDINATES: 46.533333 N, 7.883333 E
CURRENCY: Swiss Franc

Ahhh, the Swiss Alps. Still never managed to get out this way but these pictures remind me why that is a massive mistake. This little town of Gimmelwald seems like the quaintest little village in the Swiss Bernese Highlands. The nearest chain grocery store, sports, and souvenir shops are in Murren, so pack wisely.

Apparently, all you’ll need once you arrive is your legs. The huge, sheer cliff face across the valley from Gimmelwald is known as the Schwarzmönch (Black Monk) so be sure to pack your hiking shoes. Pass by Esther’s Guesthouse for a guide to the many trails in the area.

Gimmelwald, Swiss Alps
gimmelwald, switzerland

gimmelwald, switzerland2

You been? Let us know! We need all the tips we can get.

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