havasu creek, arizona

havasu creek, arizona

PLACE: Huvasu Creek
NOTORIOUS: turquoise tributary
NEAREST AIRPORT: LAS, McCarran International Airport (take a small plane to Grand Canyon from Vegas?)
COORDINATES: 36° 18′ 28″ N, 112° 45′ 43″ W
CURRENCY: American Dollar

Havasu Creek is near Supai, Arizona and is a tributary that eventually meets the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It’s bright turquoise waters come from its high mineral content. Amazing news – the water stays about 70 °F (21 °C) year around.

At the mouth of Havasu Creek, the confluence of this creek with the Colorado River (river mile 157) is a popular place for boaters to stop and look in awe at the striking blue-green water. Usually there is a distinct blue and brown break between them. Apparently the temperature drop between the two is the difference of one step! Quite amazing. Next time we’re in Vegas? I think so!

havasu creek, arizona
havasu creek, arizona3

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