florence, oregon


PLACE: Siuslaw National Forest, Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, Florence
NOTORIOUS: sand dunes
NEAREST AIRPORT: Eugene Airport or PDX, Portland Airport
COORDINATES: 43° 43′ 27″ N, 124° 10′ 39″ W
CURRENCY: American Dollar

I would definitely bet you didn’t know there were sand dunes on the Oregon coast. I hope one day my future husband proposes to me here. Salty Cascadian air. Sand. Massive waves just off in the distance… Mmm… It’s the the North Carolina dream brought to us west-coast style.

Just south of Florence is the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, this area looks like the best photo op. Apparently Florence’s claim to fame is that it’s the #1 retirement community in America. See you guys there 2056.


Anyone been out here? Hook me up the deets!

2 thoughts on “florence, oregon

  1. Nearest Airport to the dunes is Eugene, but it is an absolutely breathtaking drive to go south on the coast from Portland to Florence. Try it , you’ll LOVE it.

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