gaztelugatxe, spain

gastelugatxe spain
PLACE: Gastelugatxe, Coast of Biscany
LOCATION: Basque Country, Spain
NOTORIOUS: man-made bridge
COORDINATES: 43° 26′ 49.2″ N, 2° 47′ 6″ W

Dude. Upon discovering the incredible landscape work of Alex Stohl (some of his photos featured here), I stumbled upon this magical little island off the coast of Spain. Gastelugatxe holds a church built in the 10th century called Gaztelugatxeko Doniene (in Basque) or San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (in Spanish).

Everyone seems to be talking about the church but when I saw this bridge I couldn’t believe my eyes. It is completely man made and takes 231 steps to get over to the island – so come hydrated. Seems like a romantic little getaway to Basque country. I’ve always wanted to visit that Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao as well.

gastelugatxe spain1gastelugatxe spain


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