zion national park, utah

Zion National Park, Utah

PLACE: Zion National Park, Utah
LOCATION: United States
NOTORIOUS: Rock formations
NEAREST AIRPORT: I think it must be Vegas…
COORDINATES37.2026° N, 112.9878° W

There’s something absolutely wild about this National Park. The rock formations and sandstone cliffs stand majestically amongst the dusty desert landscape. Unlike many of the parks in this region, hikers walk on the ground looking up at the towering cliffs versus standing on the cliff rims looking down. I love that you can hike around all the nooks and crannies of this maze of a canyon without seeing anyone for miles.

Apparently there’s an amazing drive from the east to west gates on Highway 9 if you don’t feel like hiking. Some blogs say that the Angel’s Landing is one of the most exciting hikes in America (woah…) so I definitely feel like that’s a must do if you’re in the area. Also, the Zion Narrows looks like a beautiful photo opportunity to integrate the desert sandstone with a shallow water scape. Mmmm… I can smell the fresh air now.

zion national park, utah

zion national park, utah2
zion national park, utah

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