mitzpe ramon, israel


PLACE: Makhtesh Ramon Crater
LOCATION: Mitzpe Ramon, Israel
NOTORIOUS: Other planet type landscape
COORDINATES: 30° 34′ 43″ N, 34° 49′ 4″ E
CURRENCY: Israeli new shekel

Guys, this is not the moon. It’s the Ramon Crater, a geological feature of Israel’s Negev desert. The landform is not a legit impact crater from a meteor or a volcanic crater formed by a volcanic eruption, it’s the world’s largest makhtesh. I stayed right next to it outside a town called Mitzpe Ramon at a small eco lodge that had these crazy desert huts called succahs. The food was vegetarian and incredible. The showers are solar heated. With no surrounding light pollution and visual obstructions, this was one of the first times I saw THE ENTIRE NIGHT SKY.

I still think about this trip from time to time—we drove here on our way back to Tel Aviv from the Dead Sea and Eilat. I highly recommend making the pit stop if you can, at the very least, to see this natural wonder.


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