guilin (桂林市), china

guilin, china
PLACE: Guilin/Yangshuo
NOTORIOUS: fable-making mountains
NEAREST AIRPORT: KWL, Guilin Liangjiang International Airport
COORDINATES: 25.2667° N, 110.2833° E
CURRENCY: Chinese Yuan (¥)

You guys. This is Guilin. It is not a fairy tale – I’ve been. Had to share it with you all. This is a well-known Chinese destination – so much so that a scene from the Lijiang River is featured on the 20¥ note. Introduced to me by my friend Charlie Wu, I visited in 2011 with my dad’s friend from Shanghai. Together we toured Guilin and Yangshuo for four days and I literally couldn’t believe my eyes.

I knew it was famous but… I have never seen such a landscape again in my life. Highlights: Take a river tour on bamboo rafts and meet the local fisherman and their families. Visit the vast, beautiful Reed Flute caves – they are completely lit up and magical.

guilin, chinaguilin, china

iguaçu falls, brazil

iguazu falls, brazil

PLACE: Iguazu Falls / Iguaçu Falls
LOCATION: Border of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina
NOTORIOUS: waterfalls
NEAREST AIRPORT: IGU, Foz do Iguaçu International Airport
COORDINATES25° 41′ 12″ S54° 26′ 41″ W

These are some serious waterfalls you guys. There are 275 individual falls in one place – the most on the planet! This means they are taller and twice as wide as the Niagara Falls. Kind of like Niagara, there are two countries bordering them – the Brazilian and the Argentinian side.

The blogs are saying it’s good to spend a day on each side. There are a few hotels in the area, including a Sheraton. I saw of picture of my French friend in front of them years ago and couldn’t believe my eyes. When I came across these photos I knew I needed to highlight them!

iguazu falls, brazil2
iguazu falls, brazil3
iguazu falls, brazil

lake sørvágsvatn, faroe islands

lake sorvagsvatn, faroe islands 1
PLACE: Lake Sørvágsvatn
LOCATION: Vágar, Faroe Islands, Denmark
NOTORIOUS: lake above the ocean
COORDINATES: 62° 3′ 0″ N, 7° 14′ 0″ W
CURRENCY: Danish Krone

You’ll be pretty upset to find out that this image is a slight optical illusion. It seems like the lake is way higher than the ocean but it’s actually only 30 meter above the sea level. The cliff the photographer is standing on is about 100 meters high. This means, the position of the camera and the angle of the shot makes it seem like the lake is about the same level as the cliff. Trippy and awesome.

However, it did make me discover this crazy little collection of islands between the coast of Norway and Iceland.I highly suggest you watch this video to learn more about them.

lake sorvagsvatn, faroe islands 3
lake sorvagsvatn, faroe islands 2

havasu creek, arizona

havasu creek, arizona

PLACE: Huvasu Creek
NOTORIOUS: turquoise tributary
NEAREST AIRPORT: LAS, McCarran International Airport (take a small plane to Grand Canyon from Vegas?)
COORDINATES: 36° 18′ 28″ N, 112° 45′ 43″ W
CURRENCY: American Dollar

Havasu Creek is near Supai, Arizona and is a tributary that eventually meets the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It’s bright turquoise waters come from its high mineral content. Amazing news – the water stays about 70 °F (21 °C) year around.

At the mouth of Havasu Creek, the confluence of this creek with the Colorado River (river mile 157) is a popular place for boaters to stop and look in awe at the striking blue-green water. Usually there is a distinct blue and brown break between them. Apparently the temperature drop between the two is the difference of one step! Quite amazing. Next time we’re in Vegas? I think so!

havasu creek, arizona
havasu creek, arizona3

mcway falls, big sur, california

mcway falls, big sur

PLACE: Mcway Falls
LOCATION: Big Sur, California
COORDINATES:  36.158611, -121.671667
CURRENCY: American Dollar

With the exception of Yosemite Falls, apparently Mcway Falls is one of the most photographed in California. I find this shot above absolutely mesmerizing. At a staggering 80 feet high, this tidefall is located just south of Carmel on the Pacific Coast Highway. The beach itself is protected so you can only view it from the hiking path above (aww).

Limekiln Falls, Salmon Creek Falls, and Pfeiffer Falls are three other hikes worth doing in the Big Sur area. I have been meaning to take a drive down the coast for years. This waterfall makes me want to take the trip. Ps. Big Sur is home to some of the US’s old growth Redwood Trees. Been meaning to hug one for years.

Big Sur, California
mcway falls, big sur
mcway falls, big sur

Have you done this hike? Is it really touristy? I’d be curious to know..

whitehaven beach, australia

whitehaven beach, australia

PLACE: Tongue Point, Whitehaven Beach
LOCATION: Australia
NOTORIOUS: White Sand Beach
NEAREST AIRPORT: BNE, Brisbane Airport
COORDINATES:  20° 15′ 0″ S, 148° 58′ 0″ E
CURRENCY: Australian Dollar

This seven kilometre stretch of  white sand was voted “the cleanest beach” in Queensland on Whitsunday Island – located on the North Eastern coast of Australia. Something about the turquoise and white swirling gradients caught my eye.  I guess the best time to see this is at low tide – you can get here via the ports at Airlie Beach, Shute Harbour, and Hamilton Island.

My favourite part about this beach is that the sand doesn’t retain heat so it is comfortable to walk during the hottest times of day. Don’t forget your sunscreen though – the hole in the ozone layer is just getting bigger above this area of the world :(.

whitehaven beach, australia
whitehaven beach, australia
whitehaven beach, australia
whitehaven beach, australia3


Waded in these turquoise waters? What was your day like? Any trip or accommodation recommendations?

lake assal, djibouti

lake assal, djibouti

PLACE: Lake Assal
LOCATION: Djibouti, East Africa
NEAREST AIRPORT: JIB, Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport (1. 5 hour drive)
COORDINATES: 11.6000° N, 42.4000° E
CURRENCY: Djiboutian Franc

Lake Assal is Africa’s lowest point (512 ft below sea level) and the saltiest lake outside of Antarctica. The nearby volcano, Ardoukoba, last erupted in 1978 making up the ground that most of these salt pans rest. This area is plagued by intense heat and strong winds so come prepared.

You’ll need to rent a car or ask someone to drive to get you here. Apparently the ride is pretty rough because the roads are fucked by the truck traffic from shipping between Djibouti and Ethiopia. Salt from this lake can be found all over Ethiopia in many different forms. The blogs keep saying, expect to be ‘awe-struck’ <– that sounds like my kind of trip.

lake assal, djibouti
lake assal, djibouti
lake assal, djibouti
lake assal, djibouti
lake assal, djibouti


Have you seen it? I wanna hear about it. Let me know below: