pamukkale, turkey


Pamukkale, Turkey
PLACE: Thermal Pools, Pamukkale
LOCATION:  Denizli Province, Turkey
NOTORIOUS: Vertical Thermal Pools
NEAREST AIRPORT: DNZ, Denizli  (25 minute drive)
COORDINATES: 37.9167° N, 29.1222° E
CURRENCY: Turkish lira

The Travertines of Pamukkle, Turkey make me want to hop on a plane next weekend. The thermal pools are made of eroded calcium-carbonate cliffs and are extremely mineral-rich. These cliffs are a world heritage site and I can definitely see why. Apparently no shoes are allowed on the travertines to keep them so white and it also makes it less slippery to walk on.

In a drastic attempt to preserve the pools, visitors are no longer allowed to swim in them (pretty tragic consequence of 1980s hotel building – now demolished). The Romans knew long before we did and built the ancient city of Hierapolis to take advantage of the magical benefits of the thermal pools – to this day ruins surround the area and are currently being restored.

Pamukkale, TurkeyPamukkale, Turkey
Pamukkale, TurkeyPamukkale,Turkey
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