fairfield, iowa

Fairfield, Iowa Meditation Dome

PLACE: Fairfield
NOTORIOUS: Center for Transcendental Meditation, Ecovillage & Vedic town
COORDINATES: 41.0076° N, 91.9637° W

I took a trip to Fairfield last winter to visit the golden meditation domes of Fairfield, Iowa. In transcendental meditation, meditators meditate 20 minutes once in the morning and once in the evening. Following the vedic literature and the guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, this practice ensures a sense of well-being, reducing stress and improving relationships. Much to our dismay, not anyone can meditate in the domes—only advanced practitioners of TM meditation—so we opted to just have a visit during off hours to see the space inside. It is HUGE!

We stayed at The Raj spa and had an Ayervedic oil massage—it was sensational. We got a tour from a local named Susan, whose contact we got from the front desk of The Raj. We toured an off-the-grid ecovillage where citizens use solar, wind, recycling, and composting to manage all electricity and waste. Highly recommend this bizarre little pit stop if you’re in the midwest.


The off-the-grid ecovillage in Fairfield, Iowa

Fairfield, Iowa Meditation Dome