iguaçu falls, brazil

iguazu falls, brazil

PLACE: Iguazu Falls / Iguaçu Falls
LOCATION: Border of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina
NOTORIOUS: waterfalls
NEAREST AIRPORT: IGU, Foz do Iguaçu International Airport
COORDINATES25° 41′ 12″ S54° 26′ 41″ W

These are some serious waterfalls you guys. There are 275 individual falls in one place – the most on the planet! This means they are taller and twice as wide as the Niagara Falls. Kind of like Niagara, there are two countries bordering them – the Brazilian and the Argentinian side.

The blogs are saying it’s good to spend a day on each side. There are a few hotels in the area, including a Sheraton. I saw of picture of my French friend in front of them years ago and couldn’t believe my eyes. When I came across these photos I knew I needed to highlight them!

iguazu falls, brazil2
iguazu falls, brazil3
iguazu falls, brazil

parque lage, rio de janeiro

Lage Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

PLACE: Parque Lage
LOCATION:  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
NOTORIOUS: private mansion turned public park
NEAREST AIRPORT: Rio de Janeiro International Airport
COORDINATES:  -22.9606, -43.212
CURRENCY: Brazilian Real

This is definitely not the most epic park in Rio but I’ve heard it’s the quietest and the weirdest. A very rich man, Enrique Lage, falls in love with a singer, Gabriela Bezanzoni, so he builds her a Roman palace in the heart of Rio. Talk about romance. This park became public in the mid ’60s and its grand estate sits amongst walking trails and a subtropical forest (epic!).

This photo caught my eye on an image dive because the symmetry is so perfect. Apparently there is a visual art school on the property now (I can understand why)… The gardens that surround the mansion are part of the Tijuca National Park. The park is open from 8 to 17 everyday. You do not have to pay to visit it.

Lage Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil3

Lage Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2
Rio has a special place in my heart, although I’ve never been. Have you? What’s your favourite place in Rio?

sol de mañana, bolivia

sol de mañana, bolivia

PLACE: Sol De Mañana
LOCATION:  Sur Lípez Province, Bolivia
NOTORIOUS: Geothermal Field
COORDINATES: 22.435014°S 67.75791°W
CURRENCY: Bolivian Boliviano

This place is so mysterious, Google doesn’t even recognize it when I ask for coordinates. This geothermal field that rests in the south west of Bolivia and seems to be a common visitor attraction that no one is documenting it properly. The photographic scene on all my go-to sites are incredible but I haven’t seen any major articles about it! The wiki page is pathetic even.

All I know is that this is the highest elevation geothermal sulphur spring field in the world. They are commonly mistaken for geysers. The volcanic activity below the field is activating these boiling mud pools. It is extremely close to a place near and dear to my heart, the salar de uyuni (the salt flats I’ve written about before). Bolivia seems to be the place to see, man. Note: there are some hot springs in the area that seem to be a local hang out.

sol de mañana, bolivia

sol de mañana, bolivia

sol de mañana, bolivia

sol de mañana, boliviaBeen here before? How the eff do I get here? I can’t find it on a map? Airport?

puyehue volcano, chile

Puyehue Volcano, Chile

PLACE: Puyehue Volcano
LOCATION:  Puyehue National Park, Chile
NOTORIOUS: Snow Patterns
COORDINATES: 40.5903° S, 72.1172° W
CURRENCY: Chilean Peso

Other than media reporting flight cancellations, you probably didn’t hear about Puyehue Volcano erupting in June of 2011. It left some of the most eccentric snow patterns I’ve seen to date. I feel like these patterns could inspire some incredible textiles so I wanted to highlight them for an inspiration board.

The volcano still has lava flowing and is apparently part of a group of volcanoes that are considerably volatile and unpredicatable. Maybe it’s not the best time to go just yet and thank all the photographers who captured this incredible landscape for us.

Puyehue Volcano, Chile

Puyehue Volcano, Chile

torres del paine, chile

torres del pain, chile
PLACE: Cordillera del Paine
LOCATION:  Torres Del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile
NOTORIOUS: Tower Mountains
NEAREST AIRPORT: Punta Arenas (a day’s bus ride from park)
COORDINATES: 51.0000° S, 73.0000° W
CURRENCY: Chilean Peso

Apparently this hike is spectacular – the best part is you can do a quick day trip to see the towers, walk the popular “W” route in about five days, or trek the full circle in 8 to 9 days. This region is the transition between Magellanic subpolar forests (a refuge for the Antarctic flora) and the Patagonian Steppes (one of the largest cold winter deserts in the world), so expect to see some unique and magnificent plants and wildlife.

Due to Torres Del Paine’s ridiculously southern location, the austral summer is the only time to go. The high tourist season is January and February, so if you want to avoid it go in December. The park has a temperate cold rain without a dry season so dress accordingly (ie. layers). On your trip, try to get a glimpse of Glacier Grey which is supposedly one of the most beautiful glaciers in the world. Also, don’t miss the Frenchman’s Valley – the most scenic lookout over this transitional region.

torres del pain, chile
torres del pain, chile
Torres Del Paine, Chile

Done this hike before? Leave any travel suggestions for the area below:

salar de uyuni, bolivia

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
PLACE: Salar De Uyuni
NOTORIOUS: Largest Salt Flat
COORDINATES: 20.1338° S, 67.4891° W
CURRENCY: Chilean Peso

No, this is not Mars. The infinite horizon of Salar De Uyuni’s white salt leaves me breathless. Located near the crest of the Andes Mountains, this is the largest salt flat in the world. During the rainy season there is a thin film of brine water resting on its top, creating the most incredible reflections (probably the world’s largest mirror). The flats contain 50-70% of the world’s lithium reserve (lithium is found in batteries and bipolar meds, ick).

It looks like one of the most spectacular places to take photographs I’ve ever seen. Apparently it’s really easy to get altitude sickness in these parts so if you are driving from the coast you may need a few days to acclimatize. A hilarious but awesome tidbit about this place is that it’s the breeding ground for pink flamingos. Also, the blogs keep saying there are lots of drunk drivers so choose your guide wisely and buckle up.
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

salar de uyuni, bolivia

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