iguaçu falls, brazil

iguazu falls, brazil

PLACE: Iguazu Falls / Iguaçu Falls
LOCATION: Border of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina
NOTORIOUS: waterfalls
NEAREST AIRPORT: IGU, Foz do Iguaçu International Airport
COORDINATES25° 41′ 12″ S54° 26′ 41″ W

These are some serious waterfalls you guys. There are 275 individual falls in one place – the most on the planet! This means they are taller and twice as wide as the Niagara Falls. Kind of like Niagara, there are two countries bordering them – the Brazilian and the Argentinian side.

The blogs are saying it’s good to spend a day on each side. There are a few hotels in the area, including a Sheraton. I saw of picture of my French friend in front of them years ago and couldn’t believe my eyes. When I came across these photos I knew I needed to highlight them!

iguazu falls, brazil2
iguazu falls, brazil3
iguazu falls, brazil

parque lage, rio de janeiro

Lage Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

PLACE: Parque Lage
LOCATION:  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
NOTORIOUS: private mansion turned public park
NEAREST AIRPORT: Rio de Janeiro International Airport
COORDINATES:  -22.9606, -43.212
CURRENCY: Brazilian Real

This is definitely not the most epic park in Rio but I’ve heard it’s the quietest and the weirdest. A very rich man, Enrique Lage, falls in love with a singer, Gabriela Bezanzoni, so he builds her a Roman palace in the heart of Rio. Talk about romance. This park became public in the mid ’60s and its grand estate sits amongst walking trails and a subtropical forest (epic!).

This photo caught my eye on an image dive because the symmetry is so perfect. Apparently there is a visual art school on the property now (I can understand why)… The gardens that surround the mansion are part of the Tijuca National Park. The park is open from 8 to 17 everyday. You do not have to pay to visit it.

Lage Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil3

Lage Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2
Rio has a special place in my heart, although I’ve never been. Have you? What’s your favourite place in Rio?