as catedrais, galicia, spain

cathedral beach, spain

PLACE: Playa de las Catedrales or Beach of the Cathedrals
NOTORIOUS: Rock formations on the beach
NEAREST AIRPORT: you’ve got options
COORDINATES: 43.5539° N, 7.1572° W

I’d probably do this trip if I was going to go to Bilbao and I’d also probably visit this place I posted about at the same time. I try not to post about a country twice, but Spain is filled with little gems that I can’t deny. I mean, this beach was apparently awarded the best beach in Europe because of its stunning rock formations and quirky little twists and turns.

To have the full experience, make sure you plan your visit around attending at low tide. The beach is only about 300 meters so the best thing to bring is your camera. See you there in 2015?

cathedral beach, spain\ cathedral beach, spain